MSt. (Oxon), mbacp (Snr accred), UKCP Reg


Senior accredited registered counsellor/psychotherapist - BACP

Senior accredited supervisor - BACP

Registered psychodynamic psychotherapeutic counsellor - UKCP

Qualified experiential dynamic psychotherapist

MST Psychodynamic Practice (Oxon)

I have been a professional counsellor and psychotherapist for over twenty years, in a variety of settings. My work has included counselling students and staff as well as supervising and training counsellors in universities (I have worked at Oxford, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Southampton and London Universities). I have also worked as the manager of a psychodynamic training course. I now provide counselling, psychotherapy and supervision in private practice, as well as consulting as a trainer and advisor to organisations. I have extensive experience of both short-term and long-term counselling and therapy with clients facing moderate to severe difficulties across the range of common emotional and psychological problems, often referred for counselling by their GP. 
I have specialist experience as a student counsellor, working with young adults facing rapid life-change and development, for example in the process of moving towards independence and autonomy, committing to choices, finding identity and stretching limits, or renegotiating relationships with family. This informs my work with clients of any age, since coming into therapy is often a time for re-opening developmental flux within oneself, whether one is 18 or 94, and I welcome enquiries from adults of all ages and walks of life.
My approach is research-informed, underpinned by evidence-based principles, and combines my formal psychodynamic and experiential dynamic psychotherapy training with many years of learning from the real experience of supporting clients to make the substantial changes they need.
I am an active writer and researcher, having published in journals and books in the fields of psychotherapy and higher education (see bibliography). 
I offer private individual counselling, psychotherapy and supervision.