what happens in counselling?

It involves a series of regular planned one-to-one sessions, usually weekly, in a peaceful, comfortable setting which is private and free of interruptions. We talk and think carefully together about you and your situation, and aim to find ways to transform your current difficulties—whatever they are—into a path toward change. Counselling shines a gentle but searching spotlight on how you are responding to things that are happening to you. The ingrained network of ideas, emotions, reactions and decisions which make up your personal way of handling your world can be gently untangled, sifted and filtered, and re-cast to be more fully aligned to what you need in your life now. This equips you to manage not just present problems, but your wider future. It doesn’t just get you back to where you were before, but often unlocks deeper change stretching far beyond this, which can be revelatory and life-changing. Clients often use metaphors such as getting into the driver’s seat in their own life, or being the captain of their own ship, to describe the way counselling helps them to feel they can take full working possession of themselves. Couselling helps someone who may feel powerless, vulnerable or stuck to find ways of dissolving the blocks and dismantling the barriers which have held them up.
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